The Visioning Document

A group of Texas school superintendents met over a two-year period in facilitated dialogue during 12 two-day sessions to discover the assumptions underlying the present public education system and how it might be transformed to meet the needs of students in the 21st century.

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Self-Analysis Survey

The New Vision self-analysis survey is designed to assist districts and/or campuses in determining their current level of implementation of the “New Vision for Public Education in Texas.” It is a companion tool to the TASA visioning document, and is one component of the Field Guide to Implementing the New Vision for Public Education in Texas.

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Implementation Matrix

The New Vision Implementation Matrix illustrates progressive “levels” of implementation for New Vision articles and premises.  It describes a “picture” of levels I, II, III, and IV alignment to the New Vision. Included in the matrix are examples of the preconditions of success, or system requirements, needed for successful implementation.

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