The Visioning Document

A group of Texas school superintendents met over a two-year period in facilitated dialogue during 12 two-day sessions to discover the assumptions underlying the present public education system and how it might be transformed to meet the needs of students in the 21st century.

Visioning DocumentThe superintendents concluded that the present system does not have the capacities to develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills, creativity, and rigorous thinking that students need to meet the challenges brought about by powerful new digital, social, and economic forces now common to everyday life around the world.  The result of this work was the “New Vision for Public Education in Texas” which outlines a powerful set of ideas and premises for transforming our schools and districts.This work was underwritten through the generous support of SHW Group, LLP, and facilitated by TASA. Since the publication of Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas in 2008, TASA has continued to advance the work of the institute through meetings, conferences, interim planning, and expansion of the network to reach greater geographic and district size representation. In addition, TASA continues to use the principles of the vision as a lens for the association’s planning, program development, and member services.There exists a need to move these transformational themes from concept level to leadership action and successful implementation in schools. TASA supports the realization of the New Vision through the development and dissemination of a district-level companion to the current visioning work, a New Vision Implementation Guide to Creating a New Vision for Public Education. This companion tool delves more deeply into each of the transformation themes as applied directly to the core work of teaching and learning and the structures and systems that support the core work.

Visioning Document
TASA and the Texas Leadership Center are pleased to provide the document, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas, resulting from the work of 35 superintendents who participated in the Public Education Visioning Institute begining in 2006.